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Johanes Herlijanto


About Johanes

Johanes Herlijanto joined our International Relations Department in early 2014. He previously taught at Chinese Studies Department of the University of Indonesia, Depok. Johanes received a PhD from Macquarie University, Australia (2012) and Vrije University, the Netherlands (2013) under a cotutelle joint PhD scheme. His dissertation, entitled ‘Emulating China: Representation of China and the Contemporary Critique of Indonesia’, examines how a changing perception of China has come into being in the Post-New Order Indonesia, especially since the world ushered the 21st century.

Johanes began his career in academia in 1996, immediately after he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies at the University of Indonesia. In 2004, 2 years after obtaining a Master of Science in Sociology from the same university, he was selected to be one of the recipients of the Asia Fellows Awards, an award administered by the Asian Scholarship Foundation, Bangkok. The award enabled him to stay in Kuala Lumpur and Penang for a period of 9 months to study Chinese women participations in contemporary Malaysian politics.

Johanes’ area of interest includes recent development in China, China-Indonesia relations, ethnic Chinese in Indonesia (including their role in China-Indonesia relations), ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia, and Indonesian politics in general.

Research Interest

  • Recent development in China
  • China-Indonesia relations
  • Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia (including their role in China-Indonesia relations),
  • Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia
  • Indonesian politics in general.


  • Herlijanto, Johanes. 2014.‘對華人少數族群的態度在後新秩序時期印尼的轉變’ (Changing Attitude toward the Chinese Minorities in the Post-New Order Indonesia), in Michael Hsiao Hsin-Muang and Thomas Chiou Syuan-yuaneds印尼的政治、宗教與藝術  (Indonesian Politics, Religion and Art) (Taipei, Centre for Asia Pacific, Academia Sinica).
  • Herlijanto, Johanes.   ‘Cultivating the Past, Imagining the Future: Enthusiasm for Zheng He in Contemporary Indonesia’, in Chia Lin Sien & Sally K. Church eds, Zheng He and the Afro-Asian World (Singapore: Melaka Museums Corporation [PERZIM] and International Zheng He Society), pp. 129-145.
  • Herlijanto, Johanes. ‘Glodok in the 21st Century: the re-imagination of a “China Town” in Indonesia’, in Frank Dhont, Kevin W. Fogg, and Mason C. Hoadleyeds edsToward An Inclusive Democratic Indonesian Society (Jogjakarta, Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University Publisher), pp. 317-336.
  • Herlijanto, Johanes. 2005. ‘The May 1998 Riots and the Emergence of Chinese Indonesians’ Social Movements in the Post-Soeharto Era’, Asia Pacific Forum, No 27 (Taipei, CAPAS, Academia Sinica), pp. 64-80.
  • Herlijanto, Johanes. 2003. ‘Tionghoa di Persimpangan: Studi Mengenai Gerakan Sosial Orang Indonesia Keturunan Tionghoa Sejak Tahun 1998’ (Chinese in the Intersection: A Study of the Social Movement of Chinese Indonesians since 1998), Studia Sinica No. 02 (Depok, Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya Universitas Indonesia), pp. 1-26.


  • 2009       Cotutelle International Macquarie University Research Scholarship (with a funding from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, to conduct research in Amsterdam for a period of six months [from October 2009 to April 2010])
  • 2007       International Macquarie University Research Scholarship (iMQRES), Macquarie University, Sydney (this scholarship enabled the recipient to pursue a PhD at Macquarie University, Sydney, for a period of 3.5 year)
  • 2004       Asia Fellows Award, Asian Scholarship Foundation, Bangkok (with financial support from the Ford Foundation, US). The award came with a funding that enabled me to conduct research in Malaysia for a period of nine months)

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