Ella S. Prihatini, S.IP., Master of Development Practice (Adv.), Ph.D.

About Ella

Ella believes in creating a conducive learning environment as key to achieving high-quality learning outcomes. As a passionate educator, with over 5 years of experience in teaching and research, Ella’s work is to foster students’ interest in analysing current world politics.

As a researcher, she is always keen to learn new methods, new research tools, and new technology which can tremendously enhance many aspects of her research. She has been actively transferring these technology and research skills with fellow researchers and university students in Perth and Jakarta. Types of training topic that she covers include research methods (i.e. systematic literature review, interview) and research tools (i.e. Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), NVivo, Leximancer, R Studio, and SPSS).

Ella received her PhD in political science and international relations from the University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth, in mid-2019. Prior to joining Bina Nusantara University in March 2020, she was a teaching fellow at UWA (2017-2019) and a lecturer in the Department of International Relations at President University (July 2013-February 2015). Ella has also developed over 10 years of experience in journalism (2004-2015). She has received extensive data gathering and reporting training in various countries including Japan, Australia, Qatar, and the UK. One of her key achievements is exclusively interviewed President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan during the commemoration of Asia Africa Summit in Jakarta (2005).

Research interests

  1. Women’s representation
  2. Gender politics
  3. Electoral politics
  4. Comparative studies
  5. Parliamentary affairs


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Prihatini, E. S. (2018). On the same page? Support for gender quotas among Indonesian lawmakers. Asian Social Science, 14(5), 48–59. https://doi.org/10.5539/ass.v14n5p48


  • Early Achievers Leaderboard: Rising stars 2019 — These are Australia’s top 40 researchers who are less than 10 years into their careers. The best five performers have been selected from each of the eight main disciplines (https://specialreports.theaustralian.com.au/1540291/33/)
  • Khalifa Al-Falasi Prize in Muslim Studies 2019 — The award is dedicated to a student enrolled in a higher degree by research at the University who has a co-supervisor in the Centre for the Muslim States and Societies and who, in the opinion of the selection committee, produces as the sole author the best article arising from their research work which has been accepted for publication in a scholarly journal or edited volume, while enrolled at the University.
  • UWA Student Guild – Students’ Choice Award 2018-2019 — The award (coordinator by the Guild Education Council) is a way for UWA students to thank any teaching or professional staff who have enhanced their learning experience at UWA, including lecturers, tutors, demonstrators, faculty advisors and counsellors.
  • Best Paper Presentation at Curtin University Postgraduate Student Association (CUPSA) Inaugural Conference
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Award (PhD) 2015-2019 equivalent value of $269,500 including stipend, tuition fees, health insurance and travel insurance
  • Australian Development Scholarship/ADS Award (Master) 2009-2010 equivalent value of $130,500 including living allowance, tuition fee and health insurance
  • ANTARA Best Writer Award 2006.