The 10th International Conference on Business, International Relations and Diplomacy (ICOBIRD), Jakarta 5-6 October 2021



This year marks a decade of International Conference on Business, International Relations, and Diplomacy (ICOBIRD). The conference has been organised by the Department of International Relations at Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University as part of BINUS Joint International Conference (BJIC). The year of 2021 also marks a year on the COVID-19 pandemic, a health crisis that has brought multiple effects on almost all lines of international politics.

On one hand, illiberal turn and the rise of populism in democracy are troubling developments that occur in multiple countries today. On the other hand, public diplomacy and foreign policy had been changing to adapt with these shared challenges in mitigating the spread of the disease. International business chains, in particular, have been disrupted due to lockdown policies in numerous countries. Furthermore, regionalism and global health governance are under scrutiny as to how these forums should ensure access to vaccines. The global architecture might require countries to change their strategic approach in dealing with pandemic as a human security threat.

With this background, the 10th International Conference on Business, International Relations, and Diplomacy (ICOBIRD) will be held online under the theme “Surviving the Pandemic and the Shift in Global Architecture”. This conference offers rigorous and readable examinations of a wide range of international politics which are both of academic interest and policy relevance. It invites authors across the globe to submit their papers which engage with ICOBIRD’s core theme and topics.

Aims and Scope

ICOBIRD 2021 aims to strengthen social sciences epistemic communities in Indonesia. It re-emphasises the importance of supporting scholars to conduct high-quality research and to publish their works in scholarly journals. Hence, the conference will be supported by convenors and discussants in each panel session.

The convener’s primary responsibility is to serve as the organiser and administrator of the collaboration, and to carry out the preliminary and follow-up tasks that ensure the panel proceeds smoothly. Meanwhile, the discussants provide insights into each presenter’s value by distilling the central arguments, commenting on the methods, suggesting what implications have the most value, and providing a measure of peer review.

ICOBIRD 2021 also aspires to collaborate with the Indonesian Association of International Relations Studies (AIHII), therefore we intend to invite scholars from AIHII to become co-convenors in respective topics. As the scope of the conference is international, we aim to receive submissions from both Indonesia and overseas.


The papers can be theoretical or based on empirical case studies from any states or regions in the world. The topics will include but not limited to:

  • ASEAN  and Regionalism
  • Global Governance and Multilateralism
  • Gender and Intersectionality in World Politics
  • Security, Diplomacy, and Foreign Policy Studies
  • International Business and Non-Conventional/Contemporary Issues

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Rebecca Strating, Executive Director of La Trobe Asia, Australia:Enabling Authoritarianism in the Indo-Pacific

Professor David Levy, Director of the Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA: Surviving the Pandemics: Global Governance and International Business

Professor Brendan Sargeant, Head of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs (Australian National University/ANU): Strategic Shifts in the Post-Pandemic Era“.

Important Dates

Phase 1
Deadline for full paper submission 30 June 2021
Notification for paper acceptance 7 July 2021
Deadline for final manuscript 14 July 2021
Phase 2
Deadline for full paper submission 1 August 2021*
Notification for paper acceptance 8 August 2021
Deadline for final manuscript 15 August 2021
Early Bird Registration 31 August 2021
Deadline for Final Draft 5 September 2021
Registration and Payment 28 September 2021
Conference Days 5-6 October 2021

*Full paper submission extended to 10 August 2021


The General and Scientific Committees started preparing the 10th ICOBIRD in February 2021. The team proceeded with developing the proposal and content for the event. Technical and financial support will be provided by BINUS University, whilst organisational and promotional materials for outreach to the IR epistemic communities will be coming from AIHII.

ICOBIRD 2021 will be conducted in the form of an online conference. However, the stage and the backdrop will be displayed at:

Binus University – Kijang

Jl. Kemanggisan Ilir III Palmerah

Jakarta Barat – Jakarta, INDONESIA

Conference Fee

International (USD) Local (IDR)
Presenter 300 4,000,000
Participant/Non-Presenter 20 200,000

Publishing with ICOBIRD 2021: step-by-step

1. Find a panel

Find out which panel that could be best suited for publishing your research. ICOBIRD 2021 has five panels:

  1. ASEAN and Regionalism
  2. Global Governance and Multilateralism
  3. Gender and Intersectionality in World Politics
  4. Security, Diplomacy, and Foreign Policy Studies
  5. International Business/Non-Conventional/Contemporary Issues

2. Prepare your paper for submission

Download ICOBIRD 2021 Instruction for Author based on journals table here:–Instruction_Author

Please consult with the panel and respective journal links that outline the essential steps in preparing a paper. It is very important that you stick to the specific “guide for authors” of the journal to which you are submitting. This can be found on the journal’s home page.

3. Submit and revise

You can submit your manuscript using ICOBIRD 2021 online systems:–Submission

Once submitted, your paper will be considered by the editors and if it passes initial screening, it will be sent for peer review by experts in your selected panel. If deemed unsuitable for publication in ICOBIRD 2021, the editors will notify the screening result as soon as possible.

4. Track your research

You can track the status of your submitted paper online. The system you use to track your submission will be the same system to which you submitted. Use the reference number you received after submission to track your submission.

Contact Info

Should you need further information, please contact us at email: