About us

Centre for Business and Diplomatic Studies (CBDS) is established as part of the International Relations Department, Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University. Our aims are to undertake and promote research and deliberation on diplomacy, business, international relations and developmental issues particularly in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific.

We also commit to build, connect and share research and others kinds of knowledge generating activities for the betterment of life of the people and earth. Our immediate constituency is International Relations Department, BINUS University and the larger constituency is the broader academic community of the BINUS University and other universities and institutions both national and international as well as policy community.


To advance knowledge and understanding of contemporary diplomatic, strategic business issues and international relations in local, national, regional and global perspectives.


  • To provide information of Indonesia’s as well as other countries diplomatic and business negotiation;
  • To enhance understanding of the linkages between  diplomacy and business and the development of global negotiation on crucial economic and political  issues; and
  • To enlarge networking and influence the adoption by the government of Indonesia of sound public policy
  • To initiate and endorse a “Kijang Initiative”, a strategic deliberation of International Relations studies generated by Indonesian-rich context and resources among Indonesian epistemic community and its stakeholders toward an Indonesian School of International Relations


  • To continuously  and constantly provide analysis in diplomatic and business field;
  • To provide policy inputs to the government and  other relevant stake holders about that particular area

Research Objectives

  • Building strong relationships not only with its immediate and larger constituency, but also  with other research institutes and their researcher across the country;
  • Creating neutral venues for discussion of tough issues of  diplomacy, economics, trade , politics and  business, and security;
  • Strengthening the knowledge base to ensure  CBDS  policies, programs and decisions  are evidence-based and reflect credible, and objective analysis
  • Establishing CBDS  as a recognized, independent centre of expertise on diplomacy and business

Research Programs

CBDS research programs derived primarily from four clusters, namely:

  • International Trade and Business Diplomacy;
  • International Political Economy of Multinational Corporations;
  • International Organization, Media and Global Governance; and
  • Security and Strategic Studies

These four clusters work independently or jointly and serve as the  main source of CBDS  research  programs.


  • Books covering research undertaken by CBDS;
  • Journal of ASEAN Studies, a biannual Business, International Relations and Diplomatic international journal in English language;
  • CBDS Monitor,  a biannual journal in Bahasa Indonesia;
  • CBDS Working Papers, an interim papers by CBDS  researchers and associates highlighting the development in the national and global business and international diplomacy (English and Bahasa Indonesia);
  • CBDS Commentaries, a weekly-short commentaries of recent development related to scope of CBDS expertise


  • CBDS provides training on the scope of CBDS’ expertise such as diplomatic training, negotiations, commercial diplomacy, conflicts resolutions, etc.
  • CBDS provides consultation on the scope of CBDS’ expertise such as promoting competitive local government in attracting foreign investment, understanding impact of regional economic integration on development, etc.


CBDS  maintains academic exchanges and cooperative relations with prestigious universities and leading research institutions both in Indonesia and  other countries, sponsors various workshops and seminars, invites foreign scholars and leading figures for academic exchanges, sponsors international conferences, sends researcher abroad for academic tours and lectures or for international conferences, and develops cooperative projects.


The general guidance and superintendence of the affairs and programs of CBDS vested in a Board of Directors, which consist of executive director, deputy director head of clusters. In addition to our researcher position, we are also strengthened by our research fellows and associates.