The 9th International Conference on Business, International Relations, and Diplomacy

Background & Objective 

The world has been disturbed by COVID-19, which was known as the Novel Corona Virus emerged in Wuhan, a city in China in November 2019. It has spread out to all over the world within a short period. It was declared as a global pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) for it spreads to more than 200 countries in the world. As of April 14, 2020, this pandemic has reached up to 1,9995,947 cases around the globe which the United States as the most affected country 

This global pandemic has reached out to more than 210 countries and killed 126,537 people in the world (worldometer, 2020). Covid-19 has changed the world dynamic social, political and economic relations. Most countries leaders have controlled their citizen social interaction in the form of lockdown, restricted movement, and social distancing. They also controlled territorial borders which have affected their own domestic and international economic activities 

The relevance of the state is prevalent due to the highest order in society in managing the pandemic. The State has to take over all charges in ensuring that Covid-19 pandemic manageable and stop from spreading out wider in society. The state has to control economic activities which has been usually taken over by the market. In the international level, the state must control its territorial borders to stop the spread of the pandemic.  

The state leaders must adopt their diplomatic communication from the conventional wayface to face diplomacy to highly technological and digital diplomacy. The relations between state to state has gradually taken different method and used high technological instruments with the usage of the Internet, big data and Artificial Intelligence 

Against this backdrop, the 9th International Conference on Business, International Relations, and Diplomacy as part of BINUS Joint International Conference (BJIC) will be conducted in the form of Webinar or online conference under the theme “Business, International Relations, and Diplomacy during COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges, Responses, and Consequences.”  The 9th International Conference on Business, International Relations and Diplomacy (ICOBIRD 2020) will welcome papers from different perspectives, schools of thought and multidisciplinary areas of intellectual discourse  

Aim and Scope 

Given the background above, this year conference’s theme is “Business, International relations, and diplomacy during Covid-19 Pandemic: Challenges, Response and Consequences”. The conference has the main three objectives to achieve: 

This conference will discuss the challenges of Covid-19 Pandemic for the state, market and society in dealing with daily business, international engagement and diplomacy with other partners abroad. As the emergence of the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the method of engagement between – state relations and state -market relations. In addition, it will also highlight the response of the state, market, and society to the challenges bought by the pandemic. Finally, it will examine the impacts and consequences of this pandemic for Business, International relations, and Diplomacy at large.   

The conference is then organised as a collection of a variety of workshops and presentations ranging from theoretical papers to case studies on the states’ exercises in managing the Covid-19 Pandemic, and The Pandemic’s impact on Business, International Relations, and Diplomacy. Hence, we are particularly interested in having more presenters from outside BINUS so that there is an exchange of ideas. Moreover, the outcomes of the conference are to select papers to be submitted as a part of the special issue in relevant journal outlets. 

Scope Topics 

The papers can be theoretical or based on empirical case studies from any state or region of the world. Some issues covered include (but not limited to) to the following subtopics: 

  • Global Pandemic challenges on global public health 
  • States’ response to COVID-19 Pandemic 
  • Political Communication during Covid-19 Pandemic 
  • People mobility during Covid-19 Pandemic 
  • COVID-19 Pandemic and human security  
  • ASEAN in combating COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Transformation in the global post-COVID-19 pandemic 
  • COVID-19 Pandemic and Global Business  
  • Diplomacy in Southeast Asia during COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 
  • Foreign Policy and international politics during the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic 
  • Politics and governance in Asia Pacific in dealing with COVID-19 Pandemic 
  • Great economic crisis and Covid-19 Pandemic  
  • Sustainable development goals and the challenge of COVID-19 Pandemic 

Keynote Speakers: 

  1. Professor Mark Beeson, Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education, Discipline of Political Science and International Relations, The University of Western Australia, Australia 
  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain, Chief editor of Intellectual Discourse, International Islamic University, Malaysia  
  3. Assoc. Prof Dr. Kim Hyung Jong, Department of International Relations, Yonsei University, South Korea.  


ICOBIRD 2020 will be conducted in the form of a Webinar or online conference. However, the stage and the backdrop will be displayed at:  

Binus UniversityKijang 

Jl. Kemanggisan Ilir III Palmerah 

Jakarta BaratJakarta, INDONESIA 

Important Dates  

Deadline for Full Paper Submission  31 August 2020 
Notification of Review Results and Acceptance/Rejection  10 September 2020  
Deadline for Final Draft  20 September 2020 
Camera-Ready  23 September 2020  
Early Bird Registration  10 September 2020 
Registration and Payment  11-23 September 2020  
Conference Days  24-25 September 2020 
2nd Phase for Full Paper Submission
1-10 September 2020  

Registration and Payment

The authors receive and oblige to the terms and conditions of the conference upon the payment is settled. The committee will announce the update officially on the website and the registrants must follow the terms and conditions as stipulated.

  Regular Price 
  International (USD)  Local (IDR) 
Early bird (presenter)   300  4,000,000 
Regular presenter   350  5,000,000 
Non-Presenter/ Participant  20  200,000 

In order for you to make online registration, you are requested to pay the above conference fee through following link:

Submission and Paper Format

Full paper must be submitted through 

The manuscript submitted to ICOBIRD 2020 should not have been published elsewhere, and should not be under consideration by other publication. Guidelines for author should follow:

Author guidelines for Conference Publications should follow:

Note: Authors must follow Author Guidelines strictly; failing which the manuscripts would be rejected without review. 


All presented papers at this conference (provided meeting all editorial requirements) will be published in the following journals which are indexed in Scopus:

  1. International Discourse
  2. Institutions and Economies
  3. Contemporary Chinese Political-Economy and Strategic Relations: International Journal
  4. Journal of ASEAN Studies


Conference Venue

BINUS Kijang

  • BINUS Kijang