IDP Journal 2013 : IDP. Journal on Internet, Law and Politics – Call for papers

Call for papers on issues to be published on 2013

IDP. Internet, Law and Politics Journal is an electronic publication from the UOC’s Law and Political Science Department whose objective is communication and scientific dissemination of research, analysis and investigation of the challenges and questions raised by information and communication technologies regarding law and political science. Likewise, IDP aims to act as a platform for reflection and discussion on the content and scope of changes brought about by information and communication technologies and, in particular, the phenomenon of the internet in the fields of law, politics and public administration. Digital democracy, handling of personal data, ISP liability, intellectual property and freedom of expression on the web, electronic administration, new forms of political participation and consumer protection on the internet are some of the subjects examined in the contributions to the journal. All of this is presented in terms of both theoretical reflection and the presentation of specific experiences in these areas.

Each issue of IDP is structured around a particular topic, alongside other articles related to the journal’s main subject areas. The journal also contains a specific section devoted to the academic and research activities of the UOC’s Law and Political Science Department, and a section on the latest legislative and jurisprudential issues.

The journal’s subject areas are as follows:

E-administration and democracy
Law and ICTs
Penal law and the information society
Digital dissemination of financial information
Taxation and ICTs
Governance of the internet
Domain names
Intellectual property
Data protection
Penal reform
Electronic signature
ICTs and politics
Electronic voting

Detailed information on the submission and review process can be found in the journal’s Author Guidelines section. Submissions should be made as explained on this page:

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