About Us


The dynamic of the development of international affairs has shown a remarkable pace. Hence, the need for International Relations graduates to work in the field is always high. BINUS UNIVERSITY wishes to contribute to the development of Indonesia through its competent and skillful International Relations graduates.

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Vision and Mission


The vision of the International Relations Program is “To be a world-class center of excellence in International Relations focusing on the Asia-Pacific regional issues through the development of cutting-edge research and provision of quality education contributing to the nation and global society.


  • Education
    To provide high-quality education in International Relations in which students can stimulate critical thinking ability and analytical skills.
  • Research
    To conduct high-impact research in International Relations that addresses national and global issues with rigorous and valid use of relevant methods and technology.
  • Community Development
    To strengthen society by contributing to the policymaking process and enabling social change at the national and global levels.
  • Self-Development
    To create a positive environment that encourages self-development and meaningful improvement in conducting research, pedagogy, and community development projects.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the program are to produce graduates who:

  1. Apply their knowledge, understanding, and analytic skills in International Relations theories and issues to address the evolving national and global challenges with critical assessment, creative problem-solving, and a sense of responsibility.
  2. Actively seek post-baccalaureate endeavors, whether pursuing the graduate study of International Relations, working in governmental positions, international and non-governmental organizations, or other fields such as entrepreneurship, start-up industry, multinational corporations, journalism, and research.
  3. Exemplify the highest ethical and professional standards within their professional environment and community.
  4. Ardently seek out leadership positions within their profession and community to enable social change at various levels.
  5. Exhibit the motivation to retain intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning.

Graduate Competency

Each course in the study program contributes to the graduate competencies that are divided into employability and entrepreneurial skills and study program-specific outcomes, which students need to demonstrate by the time they complete their program.

BINUS University’s employability and entrepreneurial skills consist of planning and organizing, problem-solving and decision-making, self-management, teamwork, communication, and initiative and enterprise.

Prospective Career of the Graduate

  1. Diplomat with Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Negotiator in international treaties acting on behalf of the state as well as multinational corporation.
  3. Analyst and/or local staff in accredited foreign embassies and international organizations in Indonesia.
  4. Government relations officer.
  5. Program analyst in Ministry of Defense.
  6. Program analyst in Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  7. Program analyst or researchers in Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board.
  8. Analyst or researchers of International Relations in university or research centers.
  9. Lecturer/Researcher in university.
  10. Risk analyst in Multinational Corporations.
  11. A journalist in national and international news agency.
  12. Researcher in national and international research centers.
  13. Expert staff in parliament.
  14. Program analyst or planner in central and regional government.
  15. Program officer in non governmental organisations.
  16. Entrepreneurs