Student Short Film Competition on Human Rights 2012

This international competition by the United Nations invites you to submit a short video regarding sustanability, migration, refugees and global warming – topics and issues that concern us.

Will you do your part in raising awareness of human rights of young people in your generation?


The United Nations Information Service (UNIS) in Vienna is once again supporting the Student Short Film Competition on Human Rights 2012, organized by the Film Festival on Human Rights “this human world” taking place every year in Vienna and held under the auspices of UNIS Vienna with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Art, Culture and Education and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Austria.

In 2011 the competition was already successfully launched in Austria, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia in cooperation with local United Nations information offices.

This year, UNIS Vienna invites all UN Information Centres worldwide to take part in organizing the Student Short Film Competition in their client countries in cooperation with local educational and cultural institutions and submissions evaluated by a local jury.


The aim of the competition is to raise awareness among young people to human rights and the International Declaration of Human Rights with its 30 articles, especially to sustainability, migration / refugees and global warming. The competition gives the students the opportunity to tackle the different topics from a cinematic point of view, and offers a platform for the presentation of the works as part of the film festival “this human world”. More information:

The overall objective is to present the winning movies from the different countries on an online platform / via social media and thus give participants and fans of the competition in the different countries the opportunity to see both local and international submissions. This will allow to share the thoughts, ideas and creative approaches of young people to promote human rights and to tackle global challenges. Awards ceremonies should be planned so that on Human Rights Day (10 Dec 2012) a selection of winning movies from other countries can be shown together with local winners.


The competition invites students between the ages of 10 and 20 worldwide to produce short films (max. 3 min) on the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a special focus on sustainability, migration / refugees and global warming.

In order to assist interested UNICs in launching the competition in their client countries, UNIS Vienna has developed a template call for submissions with further explanations and conditions of participation which can be adapted to local requirements.

If your UN Information Centre would like to organize the Youth Short Film Competition on Human Rights 2012 and get further explanations, please contact:

Irene Hoeglinger-Neiva / UNIS Vienna (;             +43-1-26060-4448      ).

Film Genres:

Fictional / Feature film, Documentary, Animated film, Experimental film, Filmed Photo-Story

Previous Submissions and Winners:

Winning films from Austria of 2009, 2010 and 2011 can be foundHERE.

2011 Submissions from:

  1. Georgia
  2. Armenia.
  3. Ukraine: HERE and HERE

Application Details:

The submissions have to be sent to [local UNIC focal point] in the form of a DVD or video file.

Contact: Name, Address, email [local UNIC focal point]