The 10th Economix Essay Competition – “The 21st Century Challenge of Asia: Avoiding the Middle Income Trap”

The 10th Economix Essay Competition – “The 21st Century Challenge of Asia: Avoiding the Middle Income Trap”

Youths in Asia, take part in the annual Economix essay competition that is part of the annual 10th Economix Conference that enables you to get insights about economic issues happening in ASEAN and ties with the world.

This is a great opportunity to discuss various issues with other participants from other institutions and broaden your view about economics, the region and the world.


Topics: The topic of the essay must be in accordance with one of the four subthemes that the Committee provides.

  1. Addressing Underdeveloped Infrastructure Regional Infrastructure Development: Encouraging Intra-Regional Trade Participants are challenged to create comprehensive solutions to help emerging economies developing their infrastructures, be it soft or hard infrastructure.
  2. Addressing Shortfall of Technological Advantages in Emerging Markets Technological Innovation:Maintaining Growth in the Fast-Changing World Participants are challenged to devise a concrete, practical master plan that may generally apply to Asian countries in order to provide technological innovations that can induce production efficiency and the elaboration of the desired impacts of such technology to national productivity and economy as a whole.
  3. Addressing Demographic Challenges in Asia Managing Asia’s Human Resources: Harnessing Potentials of Asia’s Human Capital Participants are challenged to design comprehensive public policies in managing population growth and human development that are able to sustain economic growth and increase demographic quality.
  4. Addressing Diversity Challenges in Asia Reinforcing Intra-Regional Investments through Regional Cooperation: Toward More Equitable Development Participants are challenged to provide an analysis and a fresh idea of how the regional cooperation along with all its features may improve intra-regional investment between Asian countries and how does this intra-regional investment results in a more equitable development of Asian countries.


  • Open to undergraduates from Asian countries and universities
  • Participants must be a permanent resident or a citizen of any country in Asia
  • Participate in teams of up to two people; submitting one essay only

Application Details:

Teams must register themselves at the official website by clicking on the “Go Compete” button on the left