Don K. Marut

Personal Details:

Full Name                               : Donatus Klaudius Marut
Date of Birth                          : August 6, 1963
Place of Birth                         : Flores, NTT, Indonesia
Nationality                             : Indonesian
Marital Status                        : Married, one child.



2008 – Present, Ph.D. Research Study in Sociology of Social Movements, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland. (Permitted for Suspension due to workload 2009 – 20012 and will be continued from September 2012)

2002, M.Sc. (Master of Science) in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics, Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

1998, M.Phil. (Master of Philiosphy) in Development Studies, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

1996, Short Course, The Summer Institute in Coastal Management, University of Rhode Island, USA.

1990, Doctorandus (Drs.) cum laude in International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.

1984, BA in International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University (the best graduate).


Professional Experiences:

April 2006 – May 2012         : Executive Director, INFID (International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development)

2003 – March 2006                : General Secretary, INSIST (Indonesian Society for Social Transformation), based in Jogyakarta, Indonesia.

2000 – 2003                                : Regional Coordinator of SEACA (South East Asian Committee for Advocacy), based in Bangkok, Thailand.


Papers and Publications:

1984  : “The Use of Standard Language and the Development of Logic”, paper winning the first prize of National Writing Contest, Department of Education, Jakarta (in Bahasa Indonesia).

1985  : “The Application of Appropriate Technology for Industries in Rural Areas: Cases in Small Industrial Complex, Magetan, East Java”, research paper winning the first prize of National Scientific Writing Contest, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, and The Institute of Sciences of Indonesia (LIPI), Jakarta (in Bahasa Indonesia).

1990  : “Technocrats and Politics in Authoritarian Regimes: Indonesia’s New Order and the Philippines’ New Society”, Doctorandus thesis, Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta (in Bahasa Indonesia).

1990 (with Gerard Fitzgerald, MA and Dr. Penelope Schoeffel): “Flores Mini Geothermal Power Project, Stage II: Social Impact Assessment”, Ministry of External Relations and Trade, and Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Social Science, New Zealand. (in English).

1994  : “Sasi for Sustainable Livelihood of the People in Maluku”, paper prepared for the Conference of the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers, Cebu, the Philippines. (in English).

1994  : “Protecting Nature Means Protecting Ourselves”, article in SAMUDRA, published by the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers, Madras, India (in English); and republished in FAO Rome Bulletin.

1994 (with Dr. Mansour Fakih) : “Learning from Partners: Oxfam working for a Fairer World in Indonesia”, paper presented in the National Planning Board (Bappenas), Jakarta (in English).

1995  : “Integrating Gender Perspective by Revitalizing Customary Laws, Experience from Maluku”, paper for inputs for policy paper on working with indigenous peoples (in English).

1996  : “Oxfam Working for A Better World for Children”, paper presented in the Seminar and Training for Animators and Facilitators of NGOs working with children in Indonesia, conducted by Yayasan Puspa Indah, Jakarta (in Bahasa Indonesia).

1997  : “Revitalization of Communal Knowledge: Basis for Sustainable Development”, paper presented in the National Conference on Sustainable Development: Agenda for the Year 2000, conducted by KONPHALINDO and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta (in Bahasa Indonesia).

1998  : “The Political Economy of Common Property Resources: Coastal Common Fishery in Maluku, Indonesia”, M.Phil. Thesis in Development Studies, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. (in English).

1999  : “Communal Property Rights and Natural Resources Management: The Political Economy Perspective”, article in SEMAI (Agribusiness magazine), Jakarta (March Edition).

1999  : “Good Governance and The Empowerment of People towards Developing National Integrity System”, paper presented in the Round Table Discussion held by the National Bureau of State Administration (LAN), Jakarta (in Bahasa Indonesia).

1999  : “Dimensions of Decentralization: Political Economy Perspective”, paper presented in a seminar held by University of Merdeka, Malang (in Bahasa Indonesia).

1999  : “Institutional Development and Decentralization”, paper presented in a seminar at the Catholic University of Widya Mandala, Surabaya (in Bahasa Indonesia).

1999  : “Agreement on Agriculture in WTO and Its Implications to Agricultural Development and Farmers in Indonesia”, paper presented in the Seminar and Workshop for Farmers Organizations, IFOAM Yogyakarta, April 1999 (in Bahasa Indonesia).

1999  : “Individual Empowerment a Must for Democratization”, article published in Jakarta Post, September 13, 1999 (in English).

1999  : “Institutional Crises and Social Conflicts in Indonesia: Constructing from Broken Pieces”, paper presented in the discussion with the members of Catholic Students Association of Republic of Indonesia (PMKRI), Jakarta (in Bahasa Indonesia).

2000  : “Social Capital and Community-based Economic Development”, paper presented in NGO Meeting convened by Bina Swadaya Foundation, Jakarta (in Bahasa Indonesia).

2000  : “Intellectual Property Rights and Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges for Indonesian Professionals”, paper presented in the Discussion with Professionals Association in Jakarta, convened by Professional Community for Democracy (in Bahasa Indonesia).

2000  : “Strengthening Local Institutions and Decentralization”, Article published in Wacana Journal, INSIST, Yogyakarta.

2000  : Contributor to Changing Public Policies: Advocacy Manual (Yogyakarta, INSIST Press), a book written together with a team in the Institute for Social Transformation (INSIST) in Bahasa Indonesia.

2000  : “Promoting Peace by Empowering People: Strengthening Civil Society”, article published in CIIR News, London.

2001  : “Poverty Alleviation: the Roles of Civil Society”, paper presented in the International Conference of Dignity International, Bangkok, Thailand.

2002  : “Human Rights and Development: Whose Resources, Whose Wealth — Capabilities Approach”, introductory paper presented in the Conference of Asia Pacific Youth Network for Human Rights Education, UNESCO, Bangkok, Thailand.

2003  : “Capabilities Approach and Poverty Eradication”, Concept Paper for REMDEC, Co. Jakarta.

2004  : “Sasi and Petuanan: Hak Milik dan Manajemen Sumberdaya Alam di Maluku”, an article in P.M. Laksono and Roem Topatimasang, eds., Ken Sa Fak: Experiences of Reconciliation I Kei Islands, Insist Press, Yogyakarta.

2005  : “Mapping of Social Conflicts in Indonesia”, general lecture in the Graduate School of Social Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

2005  : “Globalization and Conflicts among the Poor in Indonesia”, keynote speech paper in the Conference of the Groenlinks Partij, Groningen, Netherlands.

2005  : Participatory Action Research: Research for Empowerment (Yogyakarta, Insist Press).

2005  : “Building Network for Democracy Consolidation in Indonesia”, Lecture on Democracy, the Center for South East Asian Studies, Gadjah Mada University.

2006  : “Illegitimate Debts and Development in Indonesia”, presentation in the Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum, Helsinki, Finland.

2007  : “Government, Local NGOs and the Institutions of Democratic Ownership in Indonesia”, paper presented in the Experts’ Workshop on Ownership in Practice, OECD, Paris.

2008  : “Aid is Power: the Challenge for CSOs and Democratic Ownership”, paper published in the Reality of Aid 2008, Manila, Philippines.

2008  : “Democratic Ownership and the CSO’s Roles in Aid Effectiveness”, paper presented in the North – South CSOs Relations, Ottawa, Canada.

2008  : “Fiskalisme Militer di Indonesia: dari Otoritarianisme ke Neoliberalisme” (Military Fiscalism in Indonesia: from Authoritarianism to Neoliberalism), paper presented in ELSAM’s conference on “The Tyranny of Capital”, Jakarta.

2009  : “Global Economic Crises and Responses of Global CSOs”, keynote speech in European NGOs Network for Debt and Development (EURODAD), Barcelona.

2011  : “Towards Inclusive Growth and Equality”, presentation in the opening Debates Session of CONCORD Conference (European Regional NGOs Platform), Brussels, Belgium.

2011  : “Capacity Building for NGOs in Global Changing Context”,  Paper presented in the Seminar of “Global Governance and Transnational Issue Linkages: Advocacy, Partnership and Global Alliance”; Council for Cultural Affairs, Institute for National Policy Research, Republic of China (Taiwan) Centenary Foundation and Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies (NSYSU), Taipei

2011  : “Capacity Building for Development Effectiveness: Learning from the Past for the Better Future in Development Cooperation”, paper presented in the Asia Pacific Workshop on Capacity Development for Development Effectiveness, UNDP & Asian Development Bank and OECD-DAC, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2011.

2011  : “Can Indonesia Do Without Foreign Aid?” Jakarta Post, 1 December 2011.

2011  : Can Indonesia Exit from Aid?, booklet published by INFID, distributed in the High Level Forum on Aid for Development Effectiveness, OECD-DAC, Busan, Korea.

2011  : “Capacity Development and Development Effectiveness: CSOs Perspectives”, presented in the Thematic Workshop on Capacity Development in the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid for Development Effectiveness, discussing the paper presented by the Co-Chair of the High Level Forum 4th, OECD-DAC, Busan, Korea.


Specialist Trainings:

1991    : Participatory Rural Appraisal, Madurai, Tamil Nadhu, India.

1992    : Workshop and Training on Community Based Disaster Mitigation, New Delhi, India.

1993    : Training of Trainers in Marine Resources Management, Kei islands, Maluku.

1994    : Gender Training, Hanoi, Vietnam.

1996    : Dive Training, Ambon.

1996    : Coastal Resources Management Training, The Summer Institute in Coastal Management, University of Rhode Island, USA.

1996    : Workshop on Community-based Natural Resources Management, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

1996    : Intensive English Course for Academic Purposes, The British Council, Jakarta.

2000    : Consensus Building Training, Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, Philippines.