Association of South East Asian Nations (hereinafter ASEAN), which transformed into a legally-binding community, has become one of the most dynamic regions in the world, not only from economic but also from political and socio-cultural perspectives. The role of ASEAN, with its growing significance in the international affairs, particularly in Asia, is presented with the opportunity to develop comprehensive studies on ASEAN from various actors, approaches, issues, level of analysis and contribution and significance of the studies. Currently, there has been lots of research done to study ASEAN both as a community and organization, or a process. However, in the academic field, few scholarly journals are devoted to the development of ASEAN as a subject of studies.

The need to bridge the growing studies of ASEAN with the lack of scholarly journals has stimulated the urgency to establish a journal devoted for ASEAN. For this reason, Journal of ASEAN Studies (JAS) is initiated by Centre for Business and Diplomatic Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Binus University. The JAS is a bi-annual English academic journal capturing the result of series of studies in the any field related with ASEAN ranging from theoretical development to policy analysis.