Guidance for Submission

Manuscript shall be written in the following rules:

The Manuscript submitted to JAS shall never been published elsewhere. Any manuscripts being processed by JAS should never be sent to other journal or media until there is notification from JAS secretariat.

  • The Journal of ASEAN studies is published in English only (British English and American English) consistently throughout the text, and please be sure to write clearly and use correct punctuation; we recommend that non-native authors have their contributions proofread.
  • The article shall comprise of Biographical note which should state the following: current occupation, scientific discipline, research fields and projects (maximum 100 words) and an abstract of at most 250 words. Please add three to four keywords.
  • The article shall be sent in the text as a plain Word file and use a standard font (Times New Roman, 1.5 space, 12 pt.). Organise titles and subtitles using a clear hierarchy; please do not use more than three levels of headlines. Include footnotes for digression or further argumentation sparingly. Avoid the use of bullet points or numerated explanations.
  • The articles shall be submitted via email in Microsoft Word format (.Doc or .Docx) or Rich Text Format (.Rtf).
  • The author’s name shall include no academic degrees and placed under the title of the article. If the article has more than one author, the primary author must be on the top of the others. If the article was written by the team, the authors name must be ordered alphabetically. In the case of a script written by the more than one author, Journal of ASEAN Studies editors will only correspond to the main author or author listed in the first place.
  • References should follow APA Reference with the Harvard Citation Style.
  • Please submit your manuscript to