Review and Editing Process

To maintain high standards of quality in its publication, Journal of ASEAN studies each manuscript received by the secretariat will undergo the following process:

  1. Desk review by the editors to determine whether the manuscripts comply to the writing rule
  2. After pass the first step, the manuscripts are reviewed by at least two blind-peer reviewers. The reviewers do not know the names or identities of the authors during this process, nor do the authors know the identity of the reviewers. Reviewers may be Editorial Board members or they may be invited Guest Reviewers.
  3. Most submissions receive an initial editorial decision within 2 weeks from the date of the submission.
  4. An article shall be reviewed by max 1 month per reviewer & be sent back to Editor
  5. When a manuscript is accepted for publication, authors are asked to sign a letter of agreement granting the publisher the right to copyedit, publish, and copyright the material. Manuscripts under review for possible publication in Journal of ASEAN studies must be new, original and previously unpublished. They may not be submitted for review elsewhere concurrent to their submission to Journal of ASEAN studies.