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Artikel ilmiah salah satu dosen Hubungan Internasional, Binus University, Mochammad Faisal Karim, diterbitkan oleh CEU Political Science Journal (terindeks Scopus), edisi Februari 2013. Berikut Abstraksi dan tautan ke artikel lengkap



Many studies have proved that civil war in which religion is central issue is bloodier and longer than civil war in which religion is peripheral issue. Yet, few studies try to analyze how religion can transform Ethnic Civil War with religious divides into Religious Civil War especially when the rebels identify themselves as Muslims. Currently, there are two conventional arguments on factors transforming ethnic civil war into religious civil war; the structural and mobilization explanation. Using the Chechen war as a case study, this paper finds that the structural explanation failed to explain how ethnic civil war where religion is peripheral issue transforms into religious civil war where religion is central issue. While, the mobilization explanation can only partially explain the Chechen civil wars but it cannot answer the question how the ethnic civil war turns to religious civil war. The evidence clearly suggests that the involvement of transnational religious actors in the form of foreign fighters is the main factor that transforms ethnic civil war with religious divides into religious civil war.


Keywords: religious civil war, Chechen Civil War, Islam, transnational religious actors