East Asia Institute Fellows Program Call for Applications 2013

The “Fellows Program on Peace, Governance, and Development in East Asia” was established in 2005 by EAI, as an international exchange program for scholars with expertise in peace, governance, and development in East Asia. Funded by the Japan Foundation, the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange of Taiwan, and YBM/KIS, an education institute of Korea, it invites established and next-generation East Asia specialists of the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other non-Asian regions to give seminars and lectures based on unpublished articles submitted exclusively for the Fellows Program during their visit of three weeks to two or more institutions of higher education in East Asia. The EAI welcomes seminars and lectures based on interdisciplinary articles on current issues with comparative perspectives to transcend country case studies into genuinely regional East Asian studies. By providing its Fellows with opportunities to interact with East Asia’s leading scholars and major institutions through seminars and lectures, the EAI endeavors to develop a dense transnational epistemic community of East Asia specialists across the Pacific.


The Fellows Program is designed to give the Fellows the flexibility required to bring out the best of their expertise in seminars and lectures. The EAI Fellows choose the subjects of their research within the broadly defined themes of peace, governance, and development in East Asia in order to make the visit an integral part of their on-going projects. The Fellows are free to decide how they will divide their time among two or more Partner Institutions, giving a seminar and a lecture at each site chosen. The Partner Institutions are the East Asia Institute in Seoul, Fudan University in Shanghai, Keio University in Tokyo, Peking University in Beijing, and National Taiwan University in Taipei. The Partner Institutions will provide each of participants an opportunity to develop a strong network of East Asian scholars and practitioners. To reach a wider audience as well as compile high-quality scholarly work for the future generation, the articles presented at seminars and lectures will be posted on our website and circulated as part of the EAI Fellows Program Working Paper.


Eligibility: Application is open to tenured, tenure-track as well as non-tenured East Asia specialized professors based in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other non-Asian regions, conducting research in the fields of political science, international relations, and sociology. Seminars and lectures will be conducted in English.


Subject of Articles, Seminars and Lectures: The EAI Fellows Program allows Fellows to choose subjects of their articles, seminars and lectures within the broadly defined themes of peace, governance, and development in East Asia. The EAI encourages seminars and lectures based on interdisciplinary articles on current issues with comparative perspectives. The articles must be unpublished papers based on primary research and written for the purpose of the Fellows Program. The papers must be 10,000 words in length and written in English. Lectures and seminars shall be held in English in order to reach all audiences of East Asia.



Grant: The Fellows Program provides ranging from USD 8,000 to 10,000 for each of the EAI Fellows. The grant covers an honorarium for the articles, seminars and lectures, as well as the cost of ground transportation, round-trip economy-class international air transportation, hotel accommodation, meals, and a per diem for a two-week stay in East Asia. The EAI and the Partner Institutions that the Fellows visit, will help in supporting the fellowship travel, including transportation, hotel accommodation, and other research activities.


Facilities: Each of the Partner Institutions chosen for a visit provides an office space with access to telephone, fax, and the Internet. The Fellows may stay at the Partner Institutions for research purposes after their seminars and lectures if there is available space at the Member Institutions. The Fellows will consult any extra stay schedule with their visiting institutions, and the EAI will coordinate between them.


Opportunities for Networking: Each of the Partner Institutions will invite major scholars of its country to expert seminars. The Partner Institutions will also offer assistance in arranging additional seminars or lectures at other institutions, as well as interviews and field research, according to their research interest if the Fellows are interested in reaching out to a wider circle of scholars and institutions.


 Program Calendar, Annual Competition, and Selection Process


Number of Fellowships: The EAI will select up to five Fellows in 2013.


Deadline: The Fellows Program holds an annual competition. The deadline for receipt of applications is July 15, 2013. Applicants will be notified of the selection result by the end of August, 2013, by both e-mail and letter.


Selection Process: A Selection Committee, led by a representative of each of the Partner Institutions plus an advisor based in the United States, selects Fellows through a rigorous evaluation process and submits their recommendation to the EAI’s Board of Trustees for approval. The Selection Committee looks for ground-breaking research.


 Fellowship Period and location of Visit


Time and Location of Visit: The EAI Fellows choose their visiting period, and the fellowship travel is expected to be completed by the end of 2013. Fellows must stay in East Asia for at least three weeks and visit two or more Partner Institutions they have chosen to present seminars and lectures based on their unpublished articles written solely for the purpose of Fellows Program. If the Fellows complete their lectures and seminars earlier, they are strongly encouraged to use their remaining days for their own field research in East Asia.


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