Asia Pacific Student Forum (APSF) 2013

Dear Fellow Students from Universities in Asia Pacific,


We are much honored to inform you that Universitas Indonesia has for the first time formed an organization to bring together youth, international students from across the globe to go through critical issues the world is facing in order to find alternative solutions; something youth knows best to do. This new-found, student-run organization is entitled as Universal Youth Alliance (UYA), who in the long run, will hold an annual, international conference named Asia Pacific Student Forum (APSF).


Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us in our very first event, The 2013 Asia Pacific Student Forum – a small step from youth giant leap for the world without poverty, as a means of building alternatives towards eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, point one in Millennium Development Goals set out to be met by 2015, which is merely two more years from today.


Undergraduate students from all over Asia Pacific will be representing their universities as delegates in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia, to submit ideas and generate projects that are feasible to be executed once they have got back to their countries of origin. The result of the forum will also be passed to APEC 2013 and is up for discussions during the Summit. Please note that only 150 spots are available for international delegates (with an access to every activity throughout the 4-day event), although there will be also be other 50 spots available for local students who are selected as youth observers (plenary and seminar sessions only).


We strongly encourage you to secure your positions by registering yourselves via our website. Make sure you go through all the steps until you confirm your attendances.


Below is a list of FAQ of APSF 2013 and please find attached our brochure available for you to read thoroughly.


What is APSF?

The 2013 APSF is a forum that gathers undergraduate students from all over Asia Pacific to discuss transnational chronic issues. The diversity of the participants would lead to innovative and creative solutions that could become alternatives to the problems that have yet been solved. In addition to that, another aim is that to create agent of change in the body of participants.


When & Where?

September 25th-28th 2013, Universitas Indonesia


What is the topic?

-World without Poverty-

World without poverty through solving health problem, education problem, financial inclusiveness problem, and the last but not the least is social entrepreneurship.


Who is the Speaker?

Boediono – Vice President of Republic of Indonesia

President of Universitas Indonesia

Prof. Gunter Pauli – Creator of Blue Economy Concept

Anis Baswedan – Founder of Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar

Darmin Nasution – Former Governor of Bank Indonesia

Dr. Nining Indroyono Soesilo M.A. – Founder of UKM Center FEUI

Leonardo Kamilius – CEO & Founder of Koperasi Kasih Indonesia

Yohanes Surya – Education Activist

Nafsiah Mboi – Health Minister of Republic of Indonesia

Sandiaga Uno – Entrepreneur

Rhenald Kasali – Lecturer of Universitas Indonesia



What is the concept & outcome?

The concept of The 2013 Asia Pacific Student Forum is Action Based Forum where we are not only discussing about problems, but also the solutions and conduct actions based on the solution.

We start the forum by sharing and brainstorming sessions, where we share our own idea regarding the poverty problem and its possible solution. We believe the diversity of the participant in the forum could generate ideas or insights that inspire the whole delegation body to think differently and much more creatively.

The sharing and brainstorming session is followed by a discussion of projects that is feasible enough to be implemented by the delegates in their home country. We call the proposal “ARK” which stands for an Act of a Random Kindness, because we believe that small action is better than no action at all, and every small step to eliminate poverty is a giant leap for mankind.

Finally, we disseminate the ideas generated through several channels of communication. As the APEC forum is going to be held two days after the 2013 ASPF, we will try making youth from all over the world inspired by the project proposal generated; and at the end, agent of change will be born.


Who is attending?

150 students from Asia Pacific as delegates who have access to all sessions and 50 youth observers from Indonesia who have access only to seminars and plenaries


For more information, please refer to the brochure attached or log on to


Warm regards,