Tangguh Chairil

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About Tangguh

Tangguh Chairil is an observer of issues on international security, defence economics, and military affairs. Currently he is a subject content supervisor for foreign policy courses at Binus University. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia, in 2011 and his master’s degree from the Defence Economics Studies Program, Indonesia Defense University, in 2013. He is also pursuing a master’s degree from the Intelligence Strategic Studies, Universitas Indonesia.

Prior to joining Binus, Tangguh had been actively writing about issues on international security. His 2011 writing about freeing the MV Sinar Kudus was published as an op-ed in a national newspaper. He also co-authored a 2013 academic article about the relationship between military expenditure and economic growth in Indonesia published in the Journal of ASEAN Studies. At Binus, he taught Introduction to International Relations, Security Studies, and Foreign Policy of Developed Countries.

Research Interest

  • International Relations Studies
  • Defence Economics
  • Military Affairs


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  • Master’s programme at Intelligence Strategic Studies, Universitas Indonesia, under Ministry of Finance of Indonesia LPDP Scholarships 2014.