Study in Cheng Shiu University: Exploring Taiwan

Study in Cheng Shiu University is such a precious opportunity for five of us.Jessica and Elizabeth from International Relations Department.Anisa, Aulia and Bagoes from Business Law Department. It’s October already. Time passed so fast and it’s been more than 1 month we are here. At first we have some culture shock as this month the weather is not really good because of the typhoon.

Welcome Party

On October 3th 2015, five of us were invited to Cheng Shiu Welcome Party for new students. It was hold near the Chengcinglake. We played games, sang, danced, had BBQ, and met new friends with the local students. There are also beautiful fireworks which welcoming us to Cheng Shiu university. We were excited as we had this kind of opportunity for being there.

Having Hot Pot

10thOctober or double ten is Taiwan national day. During that day in Kaohsiung people did not have a big celebration. Five of us hold our own celebration by eating Hot Pot with our Filipino friends. Hot Pot is a kind of stew consists of meat and vegetables. That’s not our first Hot Pot. First time we tried Hot Pot is when Professor Tai Wan Ping invite us to have dinner together with two Filipino friends and one local friend who has ever come to Indonesia. It was such an honor for us to have a dinner with him.

 Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake is one of the best Kaohsiung’s attraction. A local student from Cheng Shiu took us there. He was very kind. There was a river which surrounded by some lotus and two twin pagodas. It was a very nice view since in the evening the light will be on and the pagodas will be looked like shining.Near the river there are some temples and also night market. we also met some Indonesians who were there for the vacation.

Attending Trade shows in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

In order to make a project from International Trade & Practiceclass, we went to Kaohsiung exhibition center to visit some trade shows. There are three trade shows that we attended, Vegetarian Shows, Travel Fair and Business Franchise Fair. We should observe the best booths in each trade show and we have to give some suggestions to the booths which are not compatible. There was a question from the teacher to give suggestion for a booth called Cola Tour. How to design Cola Tour booth so that it will attract more customers. The top three will get 红包 (hongbao) means red pocket from a guest Lecture, Mr. Oberon Yang. Luckily I was one of the students who got it. Observing a trade show is a new thing for me. I gain many new knowledges from this.

Trip to Taipei

On October 14th we went to Taipei together with other exchange students from Mainland China. It was a study tour held by the International Office in Cheng Shiu University. On the way to Taipei we stopped a while in Chiayi for visiting a soap factory called Bear & Bears. In the evening we have arrived in Taipei and we visited the biggest night market in Taipei called Shilin Night market. We tried the most famous 雞排 (jipai) means chicken stripes called Hot Star and it was very tasty even though we can find Hot Star in Jakarta but the taste is超好吃 (caohao chi) means super delicious and the size is very big.

We also visited Fisherman’s Wharf in Tamsui district. There is a bridge called Lover Bridge. There was a myth that said if a couple across the river together hand in hand then the couple can be long last. Five of us just crossed the bridge together. The view was so amazing. After that we visited Chiang Kai-Sek Memorial Hall. Inside the monument there is a big statue of Chiang Kai-Sek. Visiting these placesgave us many new knowledge and it was such an unforgettable moment for us.