Thank You Taiwan, See You Next Time!

Celebrating Christmas and New Year abroad are the things that we have dreaming of. The celebration which full of excitement and happiness led into a memorable celebration with friends. Traveling to some cities has become our destination to enjoy our holiday. It should be a ‘holiday’, but unfortunately Taiwan has no holiday in Christmas and New Year eve. But nothing can beat our desire to celebrate it.


At the end of the year, we started our journey to Taipei. Touring around to the famous shopping venue such as Ximending, Gongguan and Wufenpu as well as enjoying fireworks at Taipei 101 colored our New Year eve. Begin to the first day of 2016, we explored more to Jiufen and Taipei Zoo to see the Panda. Heading to the next day, we traveled to Hualien and visited the famous Taroko National Park. Not only that, we also went to Taitung and enjoy the panorama at Sanxiantai as well as try the famous noodle and mochi.

Then, back to our home, Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung is really a lovely city to stay, the people may not be able to speak English well, but they are very warm and willing to help you. Enjoying our last time in Kaohsiung, we spent one day trip with our friend and go around some places that we never visited before such as Jing Yuan Leisure, fishing place in Cijin Island, old bridge that connects Kaohsiung and Pingtung as well and the beautiful place to see the whole Kaohsiung, Qihou Fort.

Time pass so fast and we just had some days left in Taiwan. We spent it by holding some farewells. Tai Wan Ping lao shi, one of our lecture invited us to a dinner. Even the chairman of International Business, Hu lao shi also prepared a special lunch for us together with the lectures and some friends from International Business department. We also had dinner with our friends who work as the receptionists at the dorm. When we thought we will leave Taiwan soon, we were thinking to end our journey somewhere. Kenting as the south-est province in Taiwan is the perfect destination to go. Finally we decided to go to Kenting with our classmates. It was winter, the wind was so strong, and it was raining, but our last vacation was very meaningful and fun as usual.

Our international buddy will leave us to The Philippines before us so we had our last dinner together with him and Kai Kai lao shi. We could not believe it that it was our last dinner. We remember that they are the first people that we know when we arrive at international office. They are also the people that we will look for if we have something to ask. They both will be in our heart for forever. We were sad when we should said our last goodbye to the Filipino friends as well. Some of them are exchange students so that some of them need to go back to The Philippines. And the other stayed in Kaoshiung to continue their master and doctoral degree.  The sellers around dormitory are also very sad that we had to leave. The Vietnam aunty prepared Vietnamese foods and invite us to have dinner with her as our farewell. The aunty who sells dan bao fan gave us pineapple cake as the farewell gifts.

Many people will be able to study abroad, but not many people will create a big achievement while studying abroad. Previously, we never imagined that we will create a precious achievement during our time in Taiwan, but with God’s willing, as the delegation from BINUS University and Indonesia, we proudly present our video advertisement which is licensed by AIFA Technology, a manufacturer company in OEM & ODM remote control and smart home WIFI remote control. Besides that, Cheng Shiu University also gave us some rewards to appreciate our outstanding performances which are Overall Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Academic Performance and Outstanding Service Performance. Therefore, we completed our study abroad with lots of achievement that can added the value of ourselves.

Felt like time passed faster during the last week. Taiwan is famous of its tasty foods but for us the most unforgettable thing about Taiwan is the people. They are very warm and friendly. Made us want to stay there longer. We did not want them to forget us as we would go back to Jakarta soon. Therefore, we gave our friends some bracelets and key chains that we bought from Indonesia. We also gave batik shirt and accessories to the lectures. We also printed our photos with the lectures, framed it and gave it to them so that they can hang it at their room. Hu lao shi, the dean of International Business put our pictures near the entrance of the office as soon as we gave him. Not only lectures and friends, we also give some merchandise from Indonesia and our pictures to AIFA Technologies and the sellers around the dormitory. The Vietnam aunty and the aunty who sells wrap scramble rice were so happy when we gave the pictures.

January 15th 2016 our journey in Taiwan was finish and we flied to Jakarta. We will definitely miss studying in Cheng Shiu Univeristy, the lectures and our classmates, exploring Taiwan, living in the dormitory, hangout with our friends. There are many things that we will surely miss. Finally, we want to say thank you for the department of International Relatons in Binus University and also Department of International business at Cheng Shiu University for giving us this precious opportunity to study in Cheng Shiu University and let us created such a precious memory. For us Taiwan is a very beautiful and meaningful place. We learned a lot of things during this time. We also promise everyone if we have a chance we will come to Kaohsiung again next time. Thank you and see you Taiwan!

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