EXPRESSION OF INTEREST | Inside Indonesia special edition on ‘Infrastructure in Jakarta’

Expression of interest deadline 31 August 2017


Inside Indonesia is a web-based magazine that plays an important role in providing accessible articles based on substantive scholarship to the general public. The magazine seeks to build bridges between academia and the general public in Australia, Indonesia and elsewhere. It has over 1,500 subscribers throughout the world, covering all six continents. The Inside Indonesia website also has tens of thousands of unique visitors per month.

We invite expressions of interest for contributions to an upcoming special edition of Inside Indonesia focused on ‘Infrastructure in Jakarta’. Infrastructure, defined here as the physical and organisational structures that allow society to function, underpins everything from our quality of life to our freedom of movement. Jakarta, the heaving national capital of Indonesia, simultaneously represents a site of rapid development and technological innovations, as well as growing inequalities between social classes and geographic regions within the city. Through this edition, we focus on Jakarta; its complex problems and its stories of resilience and hope.

This edition will look at infrastructure in Jakarta from a range of disciplinary perspectives. Preference will be given to authors who are presenting original research and approaching their topic from an analytical and critical viewpoint. The edition encourages submissions on the following topics:

  • A history of infrastructure in Jakarta
  • Urban planning
  • Women’s engagement
  • Transportation
  • Environmental impacts
  • Natural disasters and disaster risk reduction
  • Health and/or access to health care
  • Housing affordability
  • The manifestation of political/economic power in infrastructure projects

Special editions of Inside Indonesia generally feature between 8-12 articles of 800, 1,600 or 3,000 words written by academics and activists. As always, these articles will be lively pieces with a concern for economic, political and social justice written in such a way as to engage non-academics with cutting-edge academic research. Articles need a strong narrative rather than an explicit academic argument and should be accessible to readers from senior high school upwards.

If you are interested in contributing, please send a 150 word abstract of your article idea to Dr Elisabeth Kramer ( or Dr Wayne Palmer ( by 31 August 2017. Selected authors will be notified by 15 September 2017 and will be required to provide a full draft by 30 November 2017 for review and editing.



Dr Elisabeth Kramer, Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, University of Sydney (Australia), E |

Dr Wayne Palmer, Department of International Relations, Bina Nusantara University (Indonesia), E |