Basic Leadership Training HIMHI 2019

Sentul – Leadership training is an annual program of the International Relations Student Association or Himpunan Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional (HIMHI) Binus University for guiding and educating prospective its activists to develop insights and knowledge about leadership and organizations, while installing its organizational values ​​namely “Active, Innovative, and Refusing Apathy” (Aktif, Inovatif, Tolak Apatis).

HIMHI 2019 Basic Leadership Training was held on 07-09 April 2019 at Villa Roso Mulyo, Sentul, West Java. The big theme of the LDK HIMHI 2019 program is “New World of HIMHI” by emphasizing Collaborative & Assertive attitudes which are the main objectives to be implemented by HIMHI 2019.

HIMHI 2019 Basic Leadership Training was held for 3 days where there were agendas that followed by the committee and LDK participants. On the first day at 9 am, the Committee and Participants departed from the Kijang Campus, Binus University. Then after the committee and participants arrived at the location in the afternoon, the first agenda began with the introduction of the 2019 HIMHI management to the job desk from the Board of Trustees, the Core Management Board (Dewan Pengurus Inti) HIMHI and per division including the Human Resources Division, Public Relations Division, Research & Development Division, Creative Division, Cultural Arts Division and Business Fund Division.

The day were closed by presentations by the HIMHI 2019 Board of Management to equip participants with insight into the structure of HIMHI, leadership, active thinking rather than reactive, and time management in the afternoon until midnight.

On the second day of Basic Leadership Training, Participants followed a series of game and simulation agendas to train participants to work together and be able to solve problems existing in each group. At the afternoon, representatives of HIMHI alumni and the Board of Trustees of HIMHI 2019 presented materials about loyalty in organization and closed by final material about “when should we implement politics” in the context of organizational cooperation.

The last day of Basic Leadership Training was closed by the evaluation of LDK activities together with the participants and the inauguration of the participants became activists for HIMHI 2019 under the warmth of fireplace designed as the welcoming ceremonial for the activists as full family of HIMHI (Daffa/2101692552)