Invitation to IRLS #53 – China’s Counter-Hegemony? A Neo-Gramscian Perspective

Department of International Relations Bina Nusantara University proudly presents the International Relations Lecture Series (IRLS) 53, “China’s Counter-Hegemony? A Neo-Gramscian Perspective”.


“The rise of China” and “American decline” have generated no shortage of debates about hegemonic stability and transition. Yet, two core questions are yet to be adequately addressed: how strong is the US-led Western hegemony today, and what is the likelihood that the People’s Republic of China will come to lead the world? The reason for this inadequacy is a theoretical and analytical bias towards military-economic conceptions of power. While insightful, this perspective nevertheless tells us little about whether PRC can or will lead a successful counter-hegemonic challenge. A more complete assessment of the prospect of Chinese counter-hegemony requires a better account of the role of “cultural” factors at play in the constitution of international order. Building on neo-Gramscian theory and the “Making Identity Count” project, I present one such account.

We invites Assoc Prof. Srdjan Vucetic from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA-ÉSAPI), University of Ottawa. Join us on Friday 26th April 2019, 14.00 -16.00 in Syahdan Campus room M2B. RSVP yourself here.

Srdjan Vucetic is Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA-ÉSAPI), University of Ottawa. He has published in many major international journal outlets such as International Organization, Journal of International Relations and Development, Security Dialogue, British Journal of International Relations, and Review of International Studies.