Jakarta, April 5th 2019 – Today, we are standing on the doormat of technological revolution that will alter the way we live and socialize. Various technologies has been invented and implemented. To experience more with those inventions, FPCI Chapter BINUS University just held a Study Visit to Telkom Digital eXperience on April, 5 2019. Telkom Digital eXperience (TDX) is located in Telkom Landmark Tower, 6th Floor, Jalan Taman Widya Chandra, Kuningan Barat, South Jakarta.

FPCI Chapter BINUS goes to Telkom Digital eXperience (TDX)


To introduce how ICT (Information and Communications Technology) works in the near future, Telkom has built Telkom Digital eXperience (TDX) which provide and give a new experience about how the implementation and the work of ICT inside human’s activities and environments through a one hour tour.

The tour started with a short introduction video of Telkom Digital eXperience and how future digital affect our lifestyles. After a short video, the tour guide took us to Hallway Area where physical and virtual world blend together. This area filled with various interactive technologies and participants were able to try various technologies such as; Virtual Reality (VR), Finding Things on interactive wall, and many more. There is also a miniature of Merah Putih Satellite of Telkom which was launched in. What so special about this miniature is that it has the exact same scale with the one that’s orbiting in the space out there.

Member of FPCI Chapter BINUS had the chance to try out some features on Telkom Digital eXperience


Moving to the next area, we entered Home eXperience Area. This area provided us to see and experience the future digital lifestyle inside a home. This so-called smart home is supported with technology to provide security, entertainment, convenience, energy and health elements for you. There was also a robot named Alexa who will do everything we command to her such as; dancing and play a song. Next to the living room, there was a future kitchen where they have a smart fridge to help us monitor our daily foods to a healthier lifestyle.

FPCI Chapter BINUS’s members excitement in Telkom Digital eXperience


After Home eXperience Area, we had a chance to see future mobile technologies such as; self driving cars, smart cities with smart bike and smart vending machine, robot, smart garden and smart eFishery. The tour guide explained that in the future we do not have to worry if we forgot to water our plants or feed the fishes, using future technology, we can access water and feed data whenever and everywhere. Last but not least, very important technology for enterprise and government. In this area, technology offered no limit of location and time for enterprise nor government to command and do transactions.

Through this technological experiences, participants are expected to learn more about future technologies especially Industrial Revolution 4.0 and furthermore, they are able to participate for better Indonesia (Regina Christianto).