FPCI Chapter BINUS goes to The 54th ASEAN Young Leaders Training Program

FPCI Chapter BINUS proudly present their representation to The 54th ASEAN Young Leaders Training Program (YLTP). With this year’s theme ‘Education on Youth Entrepreneurship”, this program is aiming to strengthen China’s bilateral relations with ASEAN member of states in terms of China’s policy in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship workshop and internship in startup incubator. Djong Michelle as FPCI Chapter BINUS’s representation will be flying to Beijing and Guangxi on May 6th 2019 alongside with other participants from 7 ASEAN member of states. In Beijing, Djong Michelle will have an experience to engage in discussions about entrepreneurship in China, entrepreneurship training and internship at startup incubator.

Djong Michelle as representation of FPCI Chapter BINUS to The 54th ASEAN Young Leaders Training Program

Djong Michelle can’t contain her excitement when being asked about how she feels to represent Indonesia in this program, she expressed she is feeling delighted and excited to represent Indonesia and FPCI Chapter BINUS . As a representation of FPCI Chapter BINUS, Djong Michelle stated that her experience in FPCI Chapter BINUS is one of the most impressive thing she has done in her university year. Her experience in FPCI Chapter BINUS as head of an event and member of a student organization contribute on how she is able to develop her skills on critical thinking and initiative and eventually led her to be a participants in The 54th ASEAN Young Leadership Training Program.

Djong Michelle also shared for those who wish to be able to participate in similar program, she encourage everyone to realize the importance of wide networking and maintaining a good relations to every single person she came across in her university year. Another thing is to enhance your participation in both academic and non-academic activities such as being involved in student organization like FPCI Chapter BINUS so that you will gain number of experiences.