IR BINUS’ Global Class Industry Visit to The Jakarta Post 2019

June 21st marked the date of the long-awaited Global Class Industry visit to the Jakarta Post. It was attended by B2020, B2021, and B2022 Global Class IR students as part of their mandatory programs during their learning period. The visit included a presentation brought by Ms. Evi Mariani (Sekretaris Redaksi), Mr. Novan Iman Santosa (Desk Editor), and Mr. Tama Salim (World Desk Editor) who had explained about the internals, how the company works, and how does the media bring an impact on international relations. Right after, we went on a tour around the company building. Though we did not saw each and every rooms there we went and got the chance to see the offices and the newsrooms.

It was not a long company visit though as we only spent approximately two hours in the site. Still, it was a new experience that introduced us into a new side of IR actors, and face to face at that too! Having this kind of visits gives you a better understanding and direct experience to the world of International Relations. When we asked for the students’ opinions they had said that the company visit had been interesting as one of the freshmen, Andre had described the experience to be “eye-opening and expanding one’s knowledge on the work environment of medias.”

Perhaps in the future it would be much better if the duration was increased so that we could grasp more of the information. Exploring the site was also a great way to learn, but unfortunately there were only a few staffs there at that time so we could not see and feel the work environment directly. Overall, the company visit was a very exciting and interesting experience!

Sebastiann Nussmann Wetik