On the 11th of October 2019 – FPCI Chapter BINUS University held a workshop named “Building a Small, Impactful and Sustainable Organization”. This workshop was led by Willy D. Yudha as President of FPCI Chapter BINUS University. This workshop is considered exclusive because it is held for prospective leaders of organizations, especially for prospective leaders of the FPCI Chapter. This also relates to the election of the new president of FPCI Chapter BINUS University which will be held on November 29, 2019.

 The material provided is emphasized with the 3K formula namely, Collaboration, Content and Community. In this case, FPCI has those three things. Willy then explained and taught how to build collaboration together with organizations, as well as other experts who already had popularity and good quality outside.

In addition, the content also has an equally important position. One thing that must be maintained from content is the quality of the content itself. Quality of content can be judged by several criteria such as originality of an idea of ​​content, can provide answers to a problem, and also accurate in retrieving and reporting information. Thus the discussion organization must have the product produced. The products produced will then be shared with the community. And the last “K” is community. At this time the FPCI Chapter BINUS University community has reached more than 250 people and is projected to reach 350 people next year.

 The next session continued with the planning to build a new cabinet together with the prospective chairman of the FPCI Chapter BINUS University. In this session Willy explained how to select and form candidates for division heads who would carry out their respective duties as an extension of the divisions in an organization. This workshop is expected to be a guide and provision for future leaders.

Wendsney A. Sadi