IR BINUS Goes to Taipei!

On 7-13 December 2019, our Department finally conducted one of our leading programs of the year: IR Immersion Program – Passage to Taiwan. In total, 22 students – of which four of them are from the Department of Primary Teacher Education and International Business Management – visited Taipei and the surrounding areas to learn more about the country. Our Deputy Head, as well as the coordinator of the program, Ms. Ratu Ayu Asih Kusuma Putri, accompanied the students for the whole duration of the trip.

Immersion program has been one of the leading programs in the Department of International Relations, Bina Nusantara University. Corresponded to nature and expected graduate outcomes of the Department, we try to make sure that each student is exposed to the global community and has experiential learning of global issues by directly interacting with people from other countries. Ultimately, the trip combines learning experience, cultural exchange, and leisure to provide a wholesome and valuable journey to the participating students.

Taiwan has emerged as one of the leading Asian economies in the past few decades, which subsequently makes the country an important business and political partner for Indonesia. Furthermore, as one of the East Asian cultural centers, Taiwan offers a variety of cultural experiences ranging from historical traditional to modern ones.

Most importantly, our Department has been maintaining a good relationship with some of the best universities in Taiwan. In addition to that, some of our lecturers are graduates from universities in the country. We have been sending and receiving students in the study abroad scheme for the last five years and working on a valuable academic collaboration between faculty members.

Ratu Ayu Asih Kusuma Putri