[SPOTIFY] Foreign Policy Talks 3rd Episode

How is the Coronavirus Crisis Affecting Trump’s Position and the US Relationship with China?

 By Noto Suoneto ft. Amb Curtis S. Chin, Former US Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank and Asia Fellow at the Milken Institute

Hi everyone! The 3rd episode of Foreign Policy Talks is ready for you!

This episode presents my conversation with Ambassador Curtis Chin, the former US Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank (ADB). We explored the impact of COVID-19 on the Trump’s possibility to be re-elected this year as the US President, the tension between the US and World Health Organization and also the future relationship between the US and China. Moreover, we also discussed the shifting of global economic directions during and after the pandemic and the assessment of Southeast Asian governments in giving their economic policy response to the coronavirus crisis. Then, at the end, he has a good message to us, young Indonesians!