Intertalks: Women’s Parliamentary Representation in Contemporary Asia (ENG)

Jakarta – Lille (France) – On September 25, 2020, at 20.30 Western Indonesia Time (15.30 time Lille, France), the Faculty Member of Bina Nusantara University International Relations, Ella S. Prihatini, Ph.D., gave a presentation on Women’s Parliamentary Representation in Contemporary Asia in a Zoom Meeting session organized by ESPAS-ESTICE, Université Catholique de Lille, France. The session was moderated by Laura Nieto Cuervo, Head of the International Relations program at Université Catholique de Lille, and attended by participants from France, Germany, Indonesia, and other countries.

Under the Intertalks program, Ella presents the results of research on women’s representation in contemporary Asian parliaments through the relations between socio-economic variables, corruption, and the level of democracy. This research has been published in the journal Contemporary Politics Vol 25, Issue 2 (2019).

In a study using the Qualitative Comparative Analysis approach, which is a relatively new method for the study of women in politics, Ella, who pursued her doctoral education at the University of Western Australia, concluded that if a country implements the PR electoral system, it is expected that the portion of women’s representation in parliament will be increased by 10.06 points and 6%.

The full analysis results can be read in a paper entitled “Women’s representation in Asian parliaments: a QCA approach“, which was published online on September 7 2018. Journal articles can also be traced through the DOI.