Binus International Relations’ Best Thesis Awards 2020

In the 24th September 2020, Department of International Relations, Bina Nusantara University for the first time held the Best Thesis Awards. Best Thesis Award aims to recognise new research conducted by student at the Department of International Relations, Bina Nusantara University. Starting this year, the undergraduate best thesis award recognizes and rewards excellence in student publications.

Selections for this prestigious award are made by a committee appointed by the Chair of Department. The Students then are invited to submit their working paper based from their undergraduate thesis. The theses are judged on their content, originality, clarity of writing, and impact within International Relations. The objective of such awards is to stimulate students to write an excellent thesis so that it can be published. This also helps the Department to fulfil the key performance indicators particularly on student Scopus article.

From around 150 students that wrote their thesis, we selected around 30 student thesis which we further assess. From the assessment process, we have 15 best entries. The list is in the followings.

15 – Richa Valiesa – “Nationalist Protest and Collective Memory: Comfort Women Issue in No Japan, No Abe Boycott in 2019”

14 – Elia Geraldine – “An Analysis of Multinational Corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibility: The Failure of Fast Retailing Group (Uniqlo) in Implementing Labour Standards in Indonesia”

13 – Whisnu Setiawan – “Human Rights Enforcement of Filipino Migrant Workers in Indonesia”

12 – Sinta Puspita Sari – “The Impact of Instagram on Public Diplomacy Activity by the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesian Public in 2017-2019”

11 – Alfiani Gracia Susanto – “Power Transition in the International System: Case Study of the United States and China Trade War”

10 – Johanes Caesario Martin – “China’s Educational Soft Power Through Confucius Institute: A Case Study of South Africa

9 – Adelia Putri Irawan – “Regulatory Regionalism and the Development of ASEAN Banking Integration”

8 – Elica – “The U.S. National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Against Made in China 2025 Policy”

7 – Hansen Kurniawan Hasjim – “The Localism Movement in Hong Kong as a Counter Hegemony Toward Mainland China: A Gramscian Analysis”

6 – Willy Dwira Yudha – “Popularity Above All: Joko Widodo’s Decision to Stay Absent in Deep Sea Mining”

5 – Veren Regina Rehatta – “Regime Changes as the Causal Factor Affecting the Implementation of Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy from 2014 to 2018”

4 – Patrick Kurniawan – “UK’s Participation in AIIB: A Historical Institution Analysis”

The selection committee finally decided

1 – Vena Meilissa – “The Impact of Kashmir Conflict on Women in Jammu and Kashmir”

2 – Wendsney Arviany Sadi – “The Role of United Liberation Movement for West Papua Transnational Mobilization in Political Claim Making and Confronting Human Rights Violations in West Papua (2014-2019)”

3 – Matthew Imanuel – “The Role of Uyghurs Transnational Activism in Germany, Turkey, and the United States (2017-2019)”

We would like to congratulate all the finalist of best thesis awards. We hope all of you can be inspiration for your juniors who will be writing thesis in the next semester. We also hope that all of you can go on to have extraordinary, outstanding life after the end of your undergraduate study.