Binus, Tec de Monterrey Students and Professors Discuss Stereotyping in the Society

On 11 and 14 May 2022, the Global Week program also held simultaneously in Global Class Program, Department of International Relations BINUS University. The students from International Relations joined with the students from Computer Science Department, joined with their fellow students from Tec De Monterrey. They discussed about Stereotyping and Multiculturalism in the Society. Paramitaningrum, who represented International Relations – Global Class Program, and Silviya Hasana, from the Computer Science – Global Class Program, collaborate with Fernando Elizondo Garcia, from Tec De Monterrey to lead the activities.

The session is started with the presentation by Silviya Hasana about Indonesia – Multicultural Society at the 1st day on May 11, 2022. After that, students read and watching materials, as well as introduced themselves to their teammates. Afterwards, students worked in teams to discuss the topic. On the 2nd day on May 14th, students did a group presentation and gave conclusion after the session. Here, Paramitaningrum from International Relations Program, and Fernando became the moderator and facilitators.

The discussion run smoothly. Students raised some issues related to stereotyping, such discrimination, and stigmatization in verbal and non-verbal way (through posters, leaflets, or public campaign). Both students and professors from Indonesia and Mexico also explained to each other about the cultural similarity and differences between Indonesia and Mexico.