Talent Pool Experience: Amanda Siman

Hello! My name is Amanda, and I am part of the newly launched BINUS MUN Talent Pool program. I am honored and grateful to be given the priceless opportunity to participate in Singapore MUN 2023 and represent our school BINUS on the international level. Through this program, members are given the chance to participate in many MUN competitions across and outside countries, free of charge!

For example, in this competition, I participate in the World Health Assembly committee on the topic of substandard and falsified medicines with fully paid plane tickets, accomodations and other charges. Furthermore, this competition has allowed me to travel to Singapore and meet with many other delegates from Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and many more!

BINUS MUN Talent Pool will be looking eagerly for talents across the IR faculties who wish to join our journey in making history, unleash their potential, and contribute to spreading BINUS name around the world as its ambassador.