Talent Pool Experience: Ayisha Imana Rahman

Greetings esteemed fellow students, honorable lecturers, and future leaders! My name is Ayisha Imana Rahman, my peers call me Anna. I have been given the priceless opportunity to fly to Singapore and attend one of the most prestigious Model UN in Southeast Asia, Singapore MUN. I performed as the Delegate of Mexico, in the council of United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) fighting on the topic of:

1. The Question of Environmental Peacebuilding
2. The Question of Chemical Waste Management

I won the title of “Honorable Mention” and it is my biggest honor to bring home an award as a representative of the International Relations Department, BINUS University.

The experience I had during my trip and competition are incomparable considering this is my first experience in Model UN, this will surely leave a mark in my MUN experience! I got to meet loads of other young highly intelligent peers, discuss substantive topics with them and earn the privilege to meet people with prestigious experiences also. This trip has been the most memorable and educational journey in my academic career. I believe this will be a huge stepping stone for my academic career as I am most definitely not stopping here! Honestly enjoyed every step of this progress, still so many things to learn, many things to improve. Will never let myself be limited, I will go above and beyond!

My journey to Singapore MUN is only one of the many more to come, I will proudly bring BINUS University to the sky and beyond! As I am also a member of BIRDS, Fly High, Sky High!