Rangga Aditya, Ph.D.

About Rangga

Scholars with over than 14 years of experience in research center, academic institution, and university both in national and international level. Engaging active role as lecturer, researcher, project officer, program manager as well as director.

Managing various academic institutions with experience in coordinating and conducting several academic projects and have capabilities as well as competency to run new projects and improve/develop an ongoing project by applying excellent organizational skills combined with international standard management. Involved in planning, budgeting, dealing with funding, supervising, monitoring, and evaluating a wide range of projects.

Researcher with experience in individual research as well as working with academic members of the project team in order to deliver research outcomes. Having an excellent research potential and ability to work in partnership with a range of institutions and able to demonstrate initiative, flexibility, and have a good standard of the written research report. Involved in proposal writing, identifying problems, collecting and compiling information from a wide variety of sources, conducting analysis, contributing to team decisions about research directions, applying for research funding grants, and able to present information, reports, and recommendations to a variety of audiences professionally.

A committed international relations lecturer with a strong academics and teaching background, possessing excellent communication and written skills along with the ability to deliver interactive and effective advanced teaching methods that foster students’ critical thinking. Actively leading class discussion and encouraging constructive debate among students. Having proven ability to maintain students’ behavior, discipline as well as maintain high standards of achievement. Involved in curriculum development as well as research and designing new courses/materials for the international relations department.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Common Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Taiwan 2016
  • Visiting Research Fellows in The European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT), University of Tuebingen, Germany. 2016.
  • Taipei Economic and Trade Office 2015

Research Grant

  • Workshop on Launch and Planning of A Capacity Building on Science, Technology and Innovation Jakarta 2017
  • The 14th European Association of Taiwan Studies Conference Venezia, Italy 2017
  • The 13th European Association of Taiwan Studies Conference Prague, Czech Republic 2016
  • SOAS Taiwan Seminar Series: “Unsynchronized Relations between Jakarta and Taipei” London, UK. 2016
  • Taiwan Colloquium: “Assessing Cooperation in Indonesia-Taiwan Relations: Which Works, Which Not and What’s Next? Tubingen, German. 2016
  • FGD on “Enhancing Indonesia-Taiwan Cooperation Under One China Policy Framework” Bandung 2015
  • The 12th European Association of Taiwan Studies Conference, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland Krakow, Poland 2015
  • FGD on “Indonesia – Taiwan Relations”, Bandung, Indonesia Bandung 2015
  • Workshop on “The Function of Legislation in the Parliament”, Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan 2015
  • International Conference on “Taiwan: the View from the South”, Canberra, Australia Canberra, Australia 2015


  • Implications of the Media Campaign on Indonesian Government Policies to Pay for Satinahs Diyat   
  • The (In)visibility of Taiwan – Indonesia Relations: Indonesian Students on the Sideline
    Academic Year: 2015 | The 12th Annual Conference of the European Association of Taiwan Studies, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland | Paper Type: Conference Paper
  • Cooperation without Harmony: Why Taiwan-Indonesia Economic Cooperation Arrangement is Difficult to Achieve?
    Academic Year: 2015 |  International Conference: “Taiwan: the View from the South” | Paper Type: Conference Paper
  • Fenomena “TKI Kaburan” di Taiwan: Sebuah Studi Eksplorasi
    Academic Year: 2014 | Badan Nasional Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia – Indonesia Economic and Trade Office to Taipei


Ekonomi Politik Independensi Bank Indonesia: Studi Kasus Bank Century (transl. Political Economy of Independence of Indonesia Central Bank: Case Study Bank Century) (with Makmur Keliat, Ratu Ayu, Geradi Yudhistira, Keshia Narendra). Jakarta: INFID and PACIVIS UI.