Prospective Career of The Graduate

  1. Diplomat with Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Negotiator in the international treaties acting on behalf of the state as well as multinational corporation.
  3. Analyst and/or local staff in accredited foreign embassies and international organizations in Indonesia.
  4. Government relations officer.
  5. Program analyst in Ministry of Defense.
  6. Program analyst in Ministry of Trade and Industry.
    Program analyst or researchers in Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board.
  7. Analyst or researchers of International Relations in university or research centers.
  8. Lecturer/Researcher in university.
  9. Risk analyst in Multinational Corporations.
  10. A journalist in national and international news agency.
  11. Researcher in national and international research centers.
  12. Expert staff in parliament.
  13. Program analyst or planner in central and regional government.
  14. Program officer in non governmental organisations.
  15.  Entrepreneurs