International Advisory Board

Name Affiliation Expertise
Prof. Dr. Lorraine Elliott Australian National University International Political Economy, Regionalism and environmental governance in Southeast Asia
Prof. Dr. Jun Honna Ritsumeikan University Comparative Politics, Southeast Asian Studies
Prof. Dr. Malcolm Cook Flinders University Asia-Pacific regionalism
Asia-Pacific security
Prof. Samuel C.Y. Ku National Sun Yat Sen University, Taiwan Southeast Asia’s political development and China’s relations with Southeast Asia
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pierre Van der Eng Australian National University Company organisation and strategy in Southeast Asia
Assoc Prof. Tai Wan-Ping Cheng Shiu University Taiwan-Southeast Asia Relations
Assoc. Prof. Arkadiusz Z. Kotlinski The Lower Silesian University, Poland EU, Regionalism in Europe and Asia
Dr. Ehito Kimura University of Hawai’i at Manoa Southeast Asia Politics, Indonesian Politics
Dr. Serena Hussain School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford Migration, Muslim Diaspora, Ethnicity and integration
Dr. Catherine Koerner Charles Darwin University, Australia Asylum seeker and refugee experiences, Indigenous and multicultural youth studies