Guideline for Submission

We invite the submission of individual abstracts that will be grouped together and panel discussions.

For Abstract submission:

  • Abstract should consist of 250 – 300 words.
  • Abstract should identify the topic, main arguments, methodologies, and results.
  • It is also necessary to identify 5 keywords.
  • Name and affiliated institution should be mentioned.
  • Please submit the abstract in the form pdf to CMT (link).

For Panel

  • The panel should consist of 3 – 4 presenters.
  • Encourage inclusion of discussion in the proposed panel.
  • All panels should be open to people outside the convenors.
  • The panel session will be a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Submission for panel should also attach the abstracts of each presenter.
  • Guideline for abstracts following the above-mentioned identification.

For full paper

  • Once the abstract or the panel is accepted, the full paper needs to be submitted in the duration of the timeline.
  • The paper shall not be published elsewhere.
  • The full paper should consist of 5000 – 6000 words excluding title and list of references.
  • Please submit the full paper in the form of words document (.doc/.docx) to CMT (link).
  • The formats for the full paper are:
    • Written in 12 pt in Times New Roman with 15 spacing.
    • The structure of the full paper should consist of: Title, Name (s) of the Author (s), affiliated institution, Email Address, Abstract, Keywords, Acknowledgement (optional), Introduction, Theoretical Review / Conceptual Framework, Methodology, Discussion (Finding / Analysis), Conclusion, Biography of the author, and List of References.
    • References model of APA, including the in-text reference and list of references.
  • The use of content generated by artificial intelligence in a paper (not limited to text, paper, figures, images, and code) shall be disclosed in the methodology or acknowledgement section. The AI system shall be identified, and specific sections utilizing AI-generated content shall be identified with a brief explanation. The use of AI system for editing and grammar enrichment needs to be disclosed as identified above.